You will get your own personalized discount code to use in my shop, according to your tier.
Along with a fancy (Twitch friendly) panel, which makes it easy to see & access the shop (linkback).

Every completed order will gain you a personal amount of % discount, stacking up to 25% to spend in my shop!

All Affiliates will be listed in the Tiers list with a link to their preferred platform, for everyone to see!
When your followers pool grows, you will move up in Tiers as well!


You will need a minimum of 25 followers on Twitch, YouTube, or whatever other platform you use to stream/create.

On the right you can see the Tiers and their corresponding requirements & discount code.

And of course, because nothing is for free (lolz), I also ask you to complete 1 order through my Shop or Discord.
This can be the cheapest item in the store, the most expensive, or anything in between!


Tier 1

  • 100+ followers
  • Get a personalized discount code of 5%

Tier 2

  • 50-100 followers
  • Get a personalized discount code of 3%

Tier 3

  • 25-50 followers
  • Get a personalized discount code of 2%


All affiliates will get a panel as shown on the left with their own code.

The max. letters & numbers combination is 6.

Apply for Affiliate