Welcome to my website!

My name is Joyce AKA Metalharpey, JOvI.
I’m a female gamer and streamer that absolutely loves cats, arts and crochet too!

Since I have a tablet once more, I started doing digitals again.
Check out my Shop if you would like to have something made by me!

Contact me through Discord for custom orders!


As a gamer, I always wanted to be part of a community where I can be myself amongst other gamers and streamers. After trying in several communities, I finally made my own.

HellSpawn is my place to go.

In this Discord I share my streamer spot with several other streamers, artists and of course gamers.
My followers and friends are also in this Discord.

Here I’m doing art giveaways, as well as random Steam key giveaways. Who knows what else I might add ^^
There’s even a few channels where you can promote your own stream and arts!

In HellSpawn you will also find my BDO guild, Onimusha.

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