Traditional Drawing

I’ve been drawing ever since I was a little kid.
Running around nekkid with crayons in my hands with a dog chasing me, was not a very rare sight XD

I used walls, furniture, but also paper and clothing to draw on.
Moms old oak table got covered in crayon, ink, felt tip pens and more…

I never stopped drawing traditionally. In highschool my notebooks were covered in drawings XD
That’s where it all got a bit more realistic, however…. Real life shiiit happened and I had to drop out of school.

I had no vision in life, had no clue what I was going to do. It was all too much and so I put down my pencils too.
Not forever though, I’ve done doodles in that dark period and I’m still drawing traditional from time to time now.

Lion sketch, 2009

Digital Drawing

My interest for digital drawing happened around 2007, maybe earlier than that.
I could find my first ever pixelized drawing back on DA, that dated 2007 so yeah I think thats around when it happened.

I mostly made pokémon sprites and other kind of sprites. Also custom made ones for friends and fans.
I didn’t realise you could actually make money with it,  until someone offered to pay me!!

Somewhere around 2011 I got my first tablet, a Wacom Bamboo Fun.
I had no idea how the think worked XD but that was a new start of techniques for me that I really enjoyed!

As you can see on the right, its far from perfect. I had no idea how to draw or color effectively.
Little did I know this was only just the beginning…

Alright so that shiiiit that happened I talked about in the Gaming part? Yeah I stopped drawing too XD
My tablet actually got out of date for the pc I got after that period, so I started to save up for a new one.

Now I’m totally comfortable with my Wacom Intuos Art Blue Pen & Touch Medium, and I can use Paint Tool SAI effectively. I’m still learning how to PhotoShop better, but hey… You learn every day, right?

Labrador Pup, 2011

Knitting & Crochet

In early 2015 my grandmother taught me how to crochet. She had already tried to teach me how to knit, and I could do it for maybe 6 months and then I forgot XD

Crocheting however was alot more fun for me and it didn’t take very long for me to surpass her.
I learned crocheting terms in english and american (as I learned in dutch so it was very limited). I can crochet along with videos, with written instructions, and even with drawn patterns.

Whatever I’m missing in what I’m reading/watching I adjust by myself.
I’m a big girl, so I often have to adjust the size to my own in order for it to fit me XD

I like to crochet pillow cases, (gaming inspired) stuffed creatures, (baby) clothing, baby spleen holders, scarfs and other simple clothing. On the right you can see one of my biggest stuffed creatures I made, for my stephdads bday.

I also even made a belt from tin can clips and black cotton, a beach bag from thick colored rope and a fancy crochet needle holder for my grandma out of cotton and denim! Those are probably my most original pieces XD

I’m still planning on making a bag from tin can clips and black/grey cotton.

Maggie the Owl, 2015


As for painting, charcoal etc I also loved to do that.
I’ve actually made a few really cool paintings, but unfortunately my ex burned everything. That’s also the reason why I couldn’t find any older stuff than 2007 :/

On the right you can see a fanart painting I made in 2007 during an IKEA day with my mom.
She actually made a really cool Pikmin painting XD No idea if she still has it.
At least I know my painting got burned so I don’t have mine anymore :/

Aaaanyway, when I get the materials for it, I will try to replicate one of my favorite paintings once again.
And perhaps try some new pieces as well.

Kingdom Hearts Xemnas, 2007


Photography was another way for me to express myself.

Capturing nature from up close, or my cats when they were being weird.
It made me really feel alive. My most awesome model was Anoki, a lilac point Siamese that I held really dear.

It all started with a cute little red camera my mother gave me that she got from her grandfather.
A really oldskool one, yeah. But actually pretty modern to my surprise.

I didn’t shoot that many rolls with that one, I wanted to preserve it because I saw it as a heritage item.
Of course my ex had to go and demolish it just like all of my other stuff -_-

Aaaaanyway my mom got me a digital camera at some point, I used it so damn much it actually broke XD
Then she gave me another one that I also broke XD
After that she told me to just use my phone. The photos arent as “grand” as I would like, but its doable.

I don’t do much photography anymore right now.

Anoki under the dining table chairs, 2007


In highschool I absolutely loved to do sculpturing as well. You could give my any material and I could make you something!

A few examples of what I made (most of this is no longer in this world so I can’t show you);

  • A mermaid on the beach made out of wood, covered with paint and LED lights in the starfish
    including wiring etc.
  • A totem pole out of clay, for about 30cm tall. Finished with chalk and paint.
  • A zebra toad (in dutch: zebrapad which means pedestrian crossing XD) that was actually a challenge to create something with double meaning, and I did. Result is on the right. I still have this toad and I still love it. His eyes are marbles!
    Made out of chicken wire, glue, paper and finished up with paint.
  • Custom designed plates with special markers
    Probably doesn’t count as actual sculpting but whatever I would’ve made the plates myself if they let me XD
  • A gateway to heaven out of cardboard, paper, glue, aluminium foil and pillow stuffing
  • Peddington Bear made out of chicken wire, glue, paper and covered with fabrics, paint, with handmade hat and shirt for a friend during christmas gifting. There was a present in there for her xD
I’m no longer actively sculpting anything sadly. I don’t have the materials to do so.
    Zebra pad, 2007
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