• Name: Charta 
  • Full Name (Latin): Charta Comedenti
    AKA Paper Eaters
  • Classification: Mammalia (mammals)
  • Multiple: Troop of Chartas
    Most of the time, ferals roam with all female troops, like elephants. Just without actual matriarch. Males are allowed if they can keep up however. Troops usually consist of 3-8. Tamed Chartas like the company, but don’t require so many. Just a few friends would suffice (these don’t have to be all Chartas either).
  • Habitat: Ferals live in jungles and forests. Tame Chartas can live almost anywhere, as long as their surroundings have enough of their diet to sustain them.
  • Diet: Mainly greens (leaves, vegetables), but also fruits, flowers, insects, small fish and sometimes bird eggs.
    But paper… Paper is a real delicacy to them!!! They will also chew on tree bark if they’re not hungry but want to chew on something (this is also the case for babies).
  • Lifespan: Ferals don’t get older than 15. Which sucks for them because they mature at age of 5!
    Tamed Chartas can live much longer because their owners can provide special care! They often reach the age of 20-25 but there has been a report that one even made it to 28!!
  • Sexual behavior: Tame Chartas usually partner up for life. Ferals don’t really give a damn, lol.
    This is mostly because tame Chartas don’t really meet that many of their own species, but ferals do!
    All Chartas lay eggs!! However because of their short attention span they often tend to forget about them.
    It happens very often that another species will either eat the egg or raise it as their own.

In depth

Chartas are agile, mischievous, playful and innocent like children. They never really grow up.
Despite this, they are actually very intelligent, fast learners! They are independant, not attention hungry (kinda like cats).
They have a relatively short attention span, which makes some tasks really hard for them. Like being parents. That’s really not a thing for Chartas. Most of the time other animals take care of them, or in tamed cases… Their owners.

Their big eyes have reflectors so they can see in the dark. Which is convenient because Chartas sleep when they feel like it. This is also the case for eating! Tamed Chartas can be taught to eat on certain times, but they will need feeding at least 3 times a day and access to tree bark so they don’t get annoyed by an empty bowl!

Chartas have eye bones instead of eyebrows. These are hard and rough, and strong like bones.
They are used for defensive headbutts and unstucking themselves from narrow spaces.
When they damage their eye bones (or any bones), they will regen fast to their original state. This does not apply to flesh or muscles, keep that in mind when you plan to do gore.

When tamed Chartas fall in love, they fall HARD. It doesn’t matter if its the male or female, when they spot their mate they will start making an effort (and behave like idiots LOL). The one that’s in love will find 2 exact matching feathers. The brighter the better! They will present this to their crush along with some fresh tree bark that they got by themselves (which is hard! They have tiny hands and nails QwQ). If their crush accepts they will give a little kiss, be grossed out about it and eat the bark together! Awww…

After mating (I’ll leave that part to your imagination), an egg will start to grow in the females body. These get about 10cm big (that’s freaking huge if you consider they’re only 50cm tall themselves). The female will pop it out as if she would be taking a shit XD
The eggs are bright and shiny. They have to be, because otherwise the Charta wouldn’t even be interested in it in the first place. Or they would try to eat it… It also helps to find the egg back XD


Chartas have a very soft, hairy body. This varies from short to long, however Ferals only have short coats!
Absolutely NO scales, fins or avian (like feathers) traits allowed!

Ferals can NOT have bright colors whatsoever!! 
They have muted colors, to make it harder to spot in the wild. Think of greens and browns that are suitable for their habitat. Tamed Chartas can have bright colors, just no neon or eye burning palettes please! If you really want a bright color, put it in their eyes. The rest of the fur should be pleasant to look at for their owner!


  • White or Black Sclera (common)
  • Slit or round pupils (common)
  • No pupils (uncommon)
  • No pupils, no iris (rare)
  • Different color sclera (rare)
  • Heterochromia (rare)
  • Black and white sclera (rare)
  • Different pupils (rare)
  • Anything goes, as long as they’re about half the size of an eye!
    Example: triangle, oval, diamond, heart
Eye Bones
Even though these are bones, they can have a light color (nothing extreme!)
  • 2-3 per eye, horns are optional (they will fill a slot).
  • Small horns only, no bigger than the nose (so nubs are fine). No pointies!
  • Do  not change
    (can however be partially hidden because of fur!)
Tongues must have the same color as the flesh!
  • Heart (common)
  • Curly (common)
  • Long and narrow (uncommon)
  • Split (rare)
Ferals have shorter ears because they are much more active and they can’t use ears that get in the way!
They can have either floppy or perky ears, let your imagination go wild!
  • 1 head length (common)
  • 2 head length (uncommon)
  • 2+ head length (rare)
    Hands, feet etc.
    Rated for front (hands) and back (feet). You can chose to have different front and back, that’s okay.
    For this, the highest rarity counts (yes you can have rare + uncommon if you want to)
    • Paws, retractable nails (common on both)
    • Claws, non retractable (common back, uncommon front)
    • Monkey (uncommon front, rare back)
    • Gecko (rare on both)
    Neck Fur
    Females have a bigger neck fur (they can store stuff in it like a purse) than males. They also have more different type of hairstyles in there, as where males only have a small patch of straight hairs.
    Knock yourself out on females, you can also add head hair if you feel like it.

    Anything goes, from small to large. Just keep in mind they can’t use anything too big that gets in the way, so tone it down on them! Most common tails are big fluffs.

            How to get a tame Charta

            Tamed chartas will be available through MYO events, giveaways, adopts and in the shop!

            There will also be adopts with Magical traits, which can’t be gained in any other way.
            So make sure you follow me on social media like Instagram, and of course join the Discord. Nearly everything is posted in Discord before ending up on my social media, so members of The StrongHold or Original Species Discords will always have a little head start/first pick 😛 Anyone can join, Discord is a free program!

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