Commission Info

All the important things to know before commissioning can be found in the Terms & Conditions page.
Be sure to read that to avoid surprises! <3 It’s just standard designer stuff really, noting major x)

Some background info about me can be found under the About Me header.
My portfolio can be found if you click on Portfolio. Le duh XD

I can’t always tell you how long it will take me to finish your commission. This can be because its complex, or perhaps its new to me. I also have a diabetic boyfriend running around the house (lol) so that sometimes also takes up my time if he’s not doing well. I keep track of all my commissions on Trello. You don’t need an account to see it, but it will give you an idea on how busy I am XD
I’m usually not keeping track of personal projects there, as I can start and halt these anytime.

Anyways… Time to discuss prices!


Okay, so I know what its like to want something but not being able to get it because of financial issues at home etc. etc.
That’s why I decided to keep my prices as low as possible. Generally artists and designers in my country ask €25,- per hour. I generally stick to €5,- XD… Although often I don’t even reach this! XD
So yeah if you’re poor you’ve come to the right place! LMAO jk, other people are welcome too XD

Still can’t afford it? Occaisionally I’m occaisionally also accepting art trades and other services!
Send me a message through Discord PM at Metalharpey#7947 and I’m sure we can work something out!
Also perhaps take the time to join The StrongHold Discord, where I do art giveaways every now and then!

Q: Why are the Shop prices lower?
A: The shop is specifially designed to meet the partnered streamers that have their own discount code (if you know the code you can use it). You’re welcome to purchase from the shop instead if you want to. It requires full payment up front.

Discord, Twitch & YouTube Streams

  • Emotes, can also be used on Discord
    €5,- each
  • Twitch Badge
    €2,- each, or €1,- each if only different color
  • Twitch Affiliate Pack (3 emotes + 5 badges)
  • Avatar, logo, headshot/bust
  • Cam overlay, or partial overlays
    €10,- each
  • Offline screen/Youtube video cover
    €25,- (simple background or photo, text & 1-2 characters)
    + €5,- per character
    + €10,- for complex background
  • Twitch panels
    €5,- each (complexity doesn’t matter)
  • Social Media banners, signatures etc.
    €20,- each
    + €5,- for additional banner if using the same concept
Character Design
  • Avatar, logo, headshot/bust
  • PETS full body or caricature
  • Half body, comes with transparant background or 1-2 color
    + €10,- for complex background
  • Chibi, comes with transparant background or 1-2 color
  • Full body, comes with transparant background or 1-2 color
    + €10,- for complex background
    + €10,- for additional character (pets are half)
  • Reference sheet (front + back)
    + €5,- for additional items
    + €5,- for additional facial expression
    As I have never done this before I will give you a discount if you’re the first!

If you don’t have reference on the character or something else I can work with, research cost will depend on the hours spent. I can’t tell you on beforehand how long this will be.

I’m currently looking for commissions for:
These will be lower the cost and I’m more likely to accept other services!

  • Twitch & YouTube: Cam overlay, partial or full overlay
  • Social media banners/signature banners
  • Character Design on Furry, Anthro, Mecha etc. (all sizes)
  • Character Design: Reference Sheet
Of course I’m open to any commissions,  its just that I want to expand my Portfolio some more 🙂

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