I’m working on a portfolio right now, but I’m also open for commissions.

You want me to make you something? Scroll down to see what I can do for you.
Don’t see what you’re looking for? You can always contact me on Discord to discuss it with me!

I accept payment through Paypal and through donations on stream (StreamLabs).

Don’t fret if you’re not rich I can probably still help you out somehow.
Resizing is always optional and free of charge.

Want to see more?

I’m still learning every day. Don’t get mad if something is not 100% to your liking. I’m only human!
Tell me and I will adjust it! Everything I make is done with my whole heart and soul!

Please keep in mind I don’t work with copyrighted pieces. Only photos taken by myself, the rest is all drawn by hand.
If you want to use copyrighted works, I will ask you to show the certificate of ownership before using it.


Caramell Dansen

I can animate about anything, excisting frames or from scratch.

Price range: Starting from €20,-
(max. 4 frames from template, simple shading)
Every +1 frame: €2,-

When starting from scratch I will ask another €2,50 per frame.

All animations will be converted to .gif files

Default size: max. 300 x 300 px
Other sizes can be discussed.

Current templates: Caramell Dansen, Caipinranha


Custom emoji for Twitch, Discord etc.

Single: €3,-
Twitch Emoji pack: €10,-
(consists of 3x emoji + 4x sub badges OR 4 emoji total)

Emoji come in 3 sizes;
112px, 56px, 28px.

Different size can be requested.
Files are under 100kb


Custom avatar for forums, social media etc.

Price range: €15,- to €25,-
(depends on details)

Bust, background, and text are optional.

Sizes: 250px & 150px (used on most fora)
Different size can be requested.

Twitch panels

Custom Twitch panels.

Price range: starting from €5,-
(1 panel, simple with text, minimum shading)

Amount of panels, sizes and fonts can be discussed.

Size: 320px wide
(so you don’t have to resize later on)

Of course the panel referring back to me is free of charge (in your own style).

Social media

Custom banners for social media.

Price range: starting from €10,-
(simple with text, minimum shading)

I have presets for the ones on the right in the list.
Other sizes for media can be discussed.

Choose from:

  • Facebook
  • Guilded
  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • Youtube


Custom chibis from excisting characters,
or starting from scratch.

Price range: starting from €10,-
(simple, minimum shading, excisting character or chibicat design)

Sizes vary. I aim for 500 x 500 px but sometimes they end up little smaller or bigger. Custom sizes can be discussed (along with the price ofc). 

Game Overlays

Custom game overlays for streaming and/or recording purposes.

Price range: starting from €10,-
(simple, shaded, text optional)

I will get you the resolution you need, for any game you want, including all overlay parts as seperate files as well.
To do this, I will ask you for screenshots. The more you can provide the better it will be (of different parts of the game ofc if needed).

When using StreamLabs OBS (SLOBS), I can also explain to you how to put them in etc.
This is of course free of charge.

Character Design

Character design of an excisting character,
or from scratch.

Price range: starting from €15,-
(simple, shading, excisting character)

Sizes vary. I will make it the best size that fits the character.
I aim for 600 x 600 px but sometimes they end up little smaller or bigger.
Custom sizes and details can be discussed.

Custom Wallpaper

Custom wallpaper!

Price range: starting from €25,-
(simple, mimimum shading, 1 or 2 characters, OR existing image with text)

Sizes vary. Of course the default size I work with is 1920 x 1080 px
Custom sizes and details can be discussed.

Creative Commons-Licentie
This work is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)