I’ve started gaming ever since I got my first pc. A potato with MSDOS on it.

I was about 6 or 7 years old back then, my stephdad works at a PC Tech Company that provides computers/software for larger companies.
And so my pc was really just a “test” to see if the “new drivers” should be downloaded or not XD

Back then people, there was internet too!! Just way more expensive because it was over the PHONE LINE.
As you can expect I wasn’t allowed on the net just yet, only my stephdad accessed it through my pc every now and then.

First games

Alright so since my pc could only handle MSDOS one of my very first gaming experiences consisted of Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure, and Scuba Diver!

Of course at that age I had no clue how to read english so I played these games without any tutorial or knowing what to do!
Fun times XD

One of my favorite games I encountered when my stephdad upgraded to Windows ’95.
It was the Lion King!! I absolutely love lions, I’ve totally DESTROYED my Lion King VHS!
I never got over it that I couldn’t play it anymore when I got to Vista -_-

Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure 1992
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure 1992


As a teen I discovered the wonderful world of consoles. At the age of 12 my biological dad got me a Nintendo Gamecube with Mario Kart Double Dash.
That was the shiiiiiit! I was super popular all of a sudden 😛

Around that time I also got my first experience with the PlayStation 2. I’m still in love with Kingdom Hearts!!!
I bought my own PS2 several years later however, girl has gotta save up for that!

When I got a little older I discovered the wonders of MMOs online. I got hooked straight away.
Before I was actually ALLOWED to play them, I was an MSN Group maker. I just love to chat with other people around the world <3

My first MMO was Shaiya, before it got paywalled XD
Ever since then I’ve played almost every MMO you can think of. Some I loved, some I didn’t really like very much and tossed aside pretty fast (not without trying of course!).

NGC Mario Kart Double Dash 2003
PS2 Kingdom Hearts 2002
PC Shaiya 2007

Alpha & Beta Testing

Some real life shiiit happened and I was seriously messed up.
In my early 20s I got back to gaming and during my browse for new MMOs I found the “new” concept of Alphas and Betas!

I have tested many games for Blackshell Media for example, to name one XD
I’ve been in a serious number of alphas and betas in a very wide range of categories, since I realised that its not just MMOs that do them!

Most game keys I got to keep, resulting into a Steam with over 1k games!

To this day, I’m still alpha and beta testing my heart out. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.
If you know any developer that needs some, let me know 😛 I’d be so happy to help!

You can find some of my previous Alpha/Beta/EA tests here.
I started keeping track of them in 2019. Some older tests I did, include; Black Desert Online (closed beta) and TERA (closed & open beta)


    Ever since I got the first BLUE SCREEN on my MSDOS pc that my stephdad couldn’t figure out, he told me I have a special talent.

    Somehow I can totally DESTROY a computer, its drivers, and games on it. Oh yes, let’s not forget… Printers too XD
    Maybe that’s why I like to do alpha and beta testing? XD

    It happened many times that I got blue screens, black screens, even glitchy ass rainbow screens out of nowhere.
    But I know that this kind of stuff actually helps developers fix their software. I just gotta remember what I did XD

    As for hardware… Well I’m not the builder kind of girl. I leave that to the professionals…
    Tielsesmurf & SlayerKane fixed up my pcs hardware and software (drivers etc).
    Its running pretty damn smooth and its got everything I want in it. I can even let Black Desert run in the background while playing Starcraft 2 or Warframe!


    Aside from my own built pc (built by Tielsesmurf and SlayerKane), I also have other consoles in the house!

    So right now my collection consists of;

    • Nintendo Gamecube (+ Gameboy Advanced cable & slot add-on)
    • PC, customized
    • PS1 (cracked, slim version)
    • PS2 (+ dance mat & steering wheel)
    • PS4
      mostly used by SlayerKane, I use it more for Netflix or a game every now and then XD
    • the entire line of GameBoy up to Nintendo DSi
    •  Xbox 360
    I still use my PC the most though XD

    PC Specs

    • Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @3.70 GHz

    • 16,0 GB RAM

    • GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

    • Razer Naga Hex (Red Wraith)

    • CM Storm Octane

    • Plantronics GameCom Commander 7.1

    • Razer Kraken Pro V2 with kitty ears add-on
      mainly to make calls but SlayerKane borrows it XD

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