Here you can find the past giveaways I’ve done on stream.
Some of these are sub only, but every now and then followers that are also on Discord can enjoy a giveaway too!

And of course the ongoing one. However more info about that on Discord!
So don’t forget to join there and type in the #join-an-artist channel “.iam harpy’s nest”

March 2019


February 2019

While the plan was to have 2 winners for a “together” artwork, there were not enough entries to go on with that.
And so it became a character design!

Winner: tielsesmurf

January 2019

Choose from; custom art max. 500px square (can be custom sized), or random Steam key.
Ended up in a simple shaded animation XD

Winner: spekkie89

December 2018

Special Christmas giveaway!
Choose from; a custom cam overlay, avatar, twitch panel or something else that’s not too big.
Christmas themed of course XD

Winner: SlayerKane

November 2018

Arts of choice, 500px square or custom banner sized.

No entries, no winner 🙁

October 2018

Halloween chibi/avatar with character of choice.

Winner: SlayerKane

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