You will get your own personalized discount code to use in my shop, according to your tier.
Along with a fancy (Twitch friendly) panel, which makes it easy to see & access the shop (linkback).

Every completed order will gain you a personal amount of % discount, stacking up to 25% to spend in my shop!

All Affiliates will be listed in the Tiers list with a link to their preferred platform, for everyone to see!
When your followers pool grows, you will move up in Tiers as well!


You will need a minimum of 25 followers on Twitch, YouTube, or whatever other platform you use to stream/create.
Having trouble getting to 25? Join the StrongHold to build your first audience!

On the right you can see the Tiers and their corresponding requirements & discount code.

And of course, because nothing is for free (lolz), I also ask you to complete 1 order through my Shop or Discord.
This can be the cheapest item in the store, the most expensive, or anything in between!
Purchases through other ways (such as the Slayerkane Twitch shop) is also fine!


Tier 1

  • 100+ followers
  • Get a personalized discount code of 5%

Tier 2

  • 50-100 followers
  • Get a personalized discount code of 3%

Tier 3

  • 25-50 followers
  • Get a personalized discount code of 2%


All affiliates will get a panel as shown on the left with their own code.

The max. letters & numbers combination is 6.

Apply for Affiliate

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