We are Onimusha, demon warriors.
A casual, PVX guild that focusses mainly on having fun and moving forward together.

We have no gear, level or age requirements.
Everyone is welcome with us!

All we ask is you to join our Discord. This is not mandatory, however recommended as we share guides, contests, giveaways etc. only there!
You can also apply in the #onimusha-applies channel.

What you can expect

We’re back to doing a bunch of Sea Monster Hunting again!
Group up for some extra weight limit so you can stay out longer, or go solo for some fast daily action!

  • Daily guild missions that involve combat or life skilling
  • Grind parties all over the world
  • PVP fun and training in the Battle Arena
    When we have enough people again we will go for weekly NodeWars once more!
  • Exploring together and hunting world/field bosses
  • Scroll runs for meme frags and boss loot
  • Weekly Guild bosses
  • Daily pay up to 5m + bonus based on loot in SMH!
  • Various guild buffs and the ability to vote on the next one
  • Contests, giveaways, events and other stuff


Guild Mommy
Mainly PVE
  • Metalharpey
Guild Daddy
More PVP > PVE
  • TwitchSlayerkane
    • Gromsters
    • LegendzZ
    And several others that help us cover guild missions on different channels, setup boss raids etc.
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