I love drawing, designing and being creative in general. My family always told me I should do something with it.
I decided to look around in the possibilities there are to do more. 

As it seems, there’s alot of streamers, content creators and more that don’t have alot to spend. Most designers/artists are way overpriced for them.
I know what it feels like not being able to get what you want, because of not having the room in life.

Therefore I try to adjust, to make it possible for those to still get what they want and still stay within price range. 

I have already helped alot of (starting) streamers and creators with making what they wanted, and there will only be more and more to come.
Slayerkane actually even helped me setup the Affiliate system, which is basically a discount system – while helping your favorite streamer/creator with increasing their discount too!

I also do alot of giveaways on the StrongHold Discord, at least once a month!
My own stream also has a shop for free arts in there that uses points you get by watching. My boyfriend Slayerkane also has this, and a personal discount code for the shop!

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