I stream what I want, when I want to.
I don’t have a schedule and there probably never will be one XD

My stream varies of games and arts.
With games you’re always welcome to join me in whatever I’m doing, for arts, well…
Usually it’s either a commission I’m working or something I need to do for myself.
Commissions of course have higher prio than requests. You can try though.


I vary alot with games, but I mainly play

  • Black Desert Online
    (lv61 witch, try !gear)
  • Heroes of the Storm
  • Monster Hunter World
  • StarCraft 2 Co-op
  • Warframe

Paws (currency)

During regular streams you earn 10 paw per 10 minutes.
During event streams this goes up to 20 per 10 minutes (how else can you use extra commands lol).

There’s some more fancy earnings as you can see on the right.

Of course this currency excists so you can get rewards while watching.
What am I talking about?

Well for example you can pick a character for me in a game I’m playing at that time.
During event streams the price goes down (depending on which game I’m doing an event for)!

You can even use your currency for a custom emoji, avatar or chibi!
At some point I will be adding more rewards that I’d normally do for commission only.

For the full list of redeemable rewards,
Click here

How to get

You get 10 paws every 10 minutes.

All followers will receive 100 paws upon following.

All non-anonymous tippers will receive 100 paws for every €1,- tipped.
When you gift me a game, in-game stuff or whatever else, you will receive 700 paws.

All cheers will receive 100 paws for every 100 bits.

All subscribers will receive 5000 paws upon subscribing.

All hosts will receive 100 paws upon hosting (at least 1 viewer).


Any form of support is much appreciated.
After all, what is a streamer without their viewers…

So thank you everyone who has helped me so far, and of course those I have yet to meet.
I will do my best always!

No money? No problem. !freetip
Even !lurk is much appareciated!


Even though I think it will probably  never happen, I’m still gonna try.

My goals below should help me with this.
Once I reach 1000 Followers I can start looking for sponsorships etc.
That would help alot x)

  • 10 Subs
  • 25 Subs
  • 75 average viewers (25h/12d)
  • 50 Subs


  • Twitch Affiliate
  • First Subscription: 9/10/2018
    by Slayerkane
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