Every design made will automatically be copyrighted and is only to be used by you personally.
This also means you cannnot claim it “as your own” when someone asks you who made it, you will give me credit.

If I feel you’re using the design the wrong way or see that you don’t give me credit, I will talk to you about this first.

Abusing my designs or claiming them as your own will be seen as a copyright abuse and taken to court.
This will most likely result into damage compensation and you will have to take down anything I’ve ever made for you before. So let’s not go there, mkay?

To avoid possible copyright abuse, I will provide you previews with watermarks. The end design will also carry this slightly, so it can be shared in my portfolio, Discord etc.
You will also get a watermark-free version for your personal use.

Creative Process

The creative process has several stages where I will ask for your imput.
Please note that the time working on your commission will be halted until you respond to me, wether it be a green light or that I need to make adjustments.

  • Sketching phase
    Changes are possible without revision cost
  • Lineart
    Changes are possible, but anything thats more than a few lines will count as a revision!
  • Base coloring
    Changes are possible without revision cost for color ONLY, changes on stages before will this count as a revision!
  • Shading
    Any changes from here on out count as a revision.
  • End product
    This is when I send you the files through the requested delivery service and prepare your promotion (unless you don’t want this).


I prefer contact through Discord, however I also accept mails. Delivery can be either, or both. Your choice!
All designs are provided digitally. I have no physical items to give you.
When going for merch, you have to use the design on whatever item you prefer by yourself. I do NOT provide mugs, shirts, pillows etc.

In the shop you can see what sizes your product comes with.
All these sizes are provided in .png files to optimize the quality, with transparant backgrounds if no background is provided.

When going for animations, the design will be provided in .gif
I don’t have an optimal transparant animator right now, so a little chunky outline is to be expected.
No problems with animations that have a background included.

You can also ask me for the rough sketch and linearts in .png
I can also provide you the .sai and .psd files. Extra files aside from the requested commission require additional fees.


All merch prices in the store contain a “buy-me-out” percentage.
This means I will make you the design and you can keep any profit you make out of it.

Of course, copyright still applies. You’re not to claim my design as your own or abuse it in any other way.

All merch designs come with a rivision. You can buy more if you need them.


When making Shop purchases AKA Commissions you agree to be at least 18 years of age, or have permission from your parents.

Right now, the only way to make a payment is through Paypal. This may or may not change in the future.
If the payment is rejected, for whatever reason, the Commission is off. You will not receive anything.
When you’re worried the payment will not go through you can contact me in Discord about it. I may keep your Commission on hold until you complete payment.

In the shop you can see with each item how long I estimate to make it. This may be a little sooner or later depending on how busy I am.
You will be informed on Discord about what’s going on and how long I think it will take.

Is it taking too long for you? You can choose to blow off the whole thing.
In that case you will be provided by how far I’ve gotten with your Commission and I will stop working on it from then on.
Please do keep in mind that even an unfinished design contains copyright!


Because everything in the shop is custom designed for you, there will be no retouring/refunding service.

You will be involved through Discord DMs/mails during the entire process, starting from scratch.
Therefore you will have enough time to discuss with me what you want changed etc.

Not happy? Consider going for a revision!


Every design has a sketch phase that’s open for revision, however after that there will be no more revisions unless stated otherwise in the shop.
Extra revisions can be bought, after all every design takes time and I ain’t working for free.

Contact me on Discord if you  need additional revisions. It’s cheaper than an entire new commission!

Please keep in mind that revisions take time! Depending on how much I have to change, it varies from an extra hour to days…
Example: Changing a few lines or base colors before shading is considered a minor revision and can be done rather fast.
Changing almost the entire outlay or already shaded colors is a major revision and will take much more time to complete.
Changing the entire thing, aka rework the whole thing is possible too. Then you can count on as much time extra as the estimated time shown in the shop.

Creative Commons-Licentie
This work is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)